Parade Of Souls

Parade Of Souls

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweet B Folk Art

Amelia Schaefer will be bringing Treats and a few Tricks to the
Parade of Souls Halloween Art Show

In the World of  Sweet B Folk Art,  lollipops smile sweetly, tiny pumpkin pies wink before you take a bite and vicious cream cakes defend themselves with miniature forks and knives.

Welcome to the imagination of Amelia Schaefer!

To say that I have a "sweet tooth" would be putting it mildly! 
I love everything about candy.. the shapes, colors, packaging... even my artwork is influenced by my love of all things sweet!

Working with paper mache has allowed me to create the candy and desserts that are served in my imagination. In my mind cakes and sweets come to life ...right on the plate!

Many of my pieces are accented with vintage trimmings and findings. Vintage bow ties may be found around lollipop sticks, Victorian beading and silks adorn my romantic candy boxes and retro fringe often finishes my custom tree-skirts.

The Candies and treats that I create are fun to display on their own, or may be incorporated into a real candy or dessert buffet for an added bit of fun!

 Try one of my famous chocolates.... they are to DIE for!
Growing up in New Zealand I missed out on many childhood Halloweens (no Halloween in NZ).  My most memorable costume, however, was a glamorous mummy queen of a few years ago.
I made my costume from scratch using a vintage evening gown and layers and layers of gauze sewn to the dress.  The costume was beautiful, and it fit like a glove... a really,really,  tight glove... after getting zipped in I discovered that I couldn't sit down the entire night!

See more of Amelia's work on her blog

And make your plans to visit our show on the 13th of October.
It is the only show of it's kind in Arizona this year and there will be some fantastic Halloween and Fall shopping!

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