Parade Of Souls

Parade Of Souls

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lucky 13

The 13th of October was a LUCKY day indeed...
(pumpkins by Lynne Bonnell)
A beautiful day full of beautiful (and spooky) art!
From woodcarving by Rita Offutt and Linda Hubbard to Beautiful baked goods from Teresa Miller of The Main Ingredient, LLC , The Parade of Souls Art Show was an event to remember.
(chair and art dolls by Olivia Thomas of Olive Rose)
Thank you to all who attended and participated in our Raffle.
 We had some wonderful raffle prizes and raised money for a
good cause!
Jewelry by Marlene Sabatina
 Sweet Treats were offered by Teresa Miller of The Main Ingredient, LLC.
Pretty kitties from Paula Shuler
 Colorful buckets and candy to match from Tracey Dombroski
The Fabulous Debra McGee
 Emily Costello looked Devilish and Delightful
 Haunting hats by Marlene Sabatina

Work by Olivia Thomas
 Debi Siegerts mummy bunch
Work by Lynne Bonnell
 Sweet B Folk Art
Scary cute by Tracey Dombroski
 The Twisted Sisters
Wicked good art at Donne Goldsteins table
Pillows by Tracey Dombroski

Happy Halloween from the Parade of Souls Artists!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meet Emily Costello

Emily Costello of Emily Costello ART
will be bringing her unique style of work to the
Parade of Souls Art show this Saturday.
 I'm mainly a self-taught painter and mixed media artist that finds much of my inspiration from my heritage and its cultural icons and images.  I'm irresistibly attracted to the curious and bizarre and create images that amuse and intrigue me. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) are abundant in my work.  I also love to paint my skully babies and try to give them their own creepy but cute personalities.   

  I left my corporate job several years ago and I now paint full-time.  Since then I've exhibited in over a dozen local and out-of-state groups shows, including Vision Gallery, the Arizona Historical Museum, Arizona Latino Cultural Center, XICO Gallery, The Desert Botanical Garden, Adelante Gallery, Alwun House, The City of Tempe, The Ice House, ChimMaya Gallery in East L.A., and Puente Allegre in San Francisco, CA. 
Currently I  volunteer at Maricopa del Artes/YMCA; a program that blends fine art and academic instruction, social and emotional support, GED and work readiness training to young adults.  I also teach youth art classes at Vision Kidz in Chandler
Emily Costello's art has been featured on, Arizona Foothills Magazine, Visual Source, and Latino Perspectives Magazine.  BIC recently released a special collection of their lighter with her art images.  Recent commissions include Chicanos Por La Causa/Parenting Arizona 2012 Champions for Children; and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix. 
Emily was also selected this year as one of eight Arizona artists to create art for the
2012 Governor's Art Awards.

To see more of Emily Costello's work, and to learn about her
up-coming events
click HERE

or contact her through email by clicking HERE

Save time on Saturday to shop the
Parade of Souls Halloween and Fall Art Show!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweet B Folk Art

Amelia Schaefer will be bringing Treats and a few Tricks to the
Parade of Souls Halloween Art Show

In the World of  Sweet B Folk Art,  lollipops smile sweetly, tiny pumpkin pies wink before you take a bite and vicious cream cakes defend themselves with miniature forks and knives.

Welcome to the imagination of Amelia Schaefer!

To say that I have a "sweet tooth" would be putting it mildly! 
I love everything about candy.. the shapes, colors, packaging... even my artwork is influenced by my love of all things sweet!

Working with paper mache has allowed me to create the candy and desserts that are served in my imagination. In my mind cakes and sweets come to life ...right on the plate!

Many of my pieces are accented with vintage trimmings and findings. Vintage bow ties may be found around lollipop sticks, Victorian beading and silks adorn my romantic candy boxes and retro fringe often finishes my custom tree-skirts.

The Candies and treats that I create are fun to display on their own, or may be incorporated into a real candy or dessert buffet for an added bit of fun!

 Try one of my famous chocolates.... they are to DIE for!
Growing up in New Zealand I missed out on many childhood Halloweens (no Halloween in NZ).  My most memorable costume, however, was a glamorous mummy queen of a few years ago.
I made my costume from scratch using a vintage evening gown and layers and layers of gauze sewn to the dress.  The costume was beautiful, and it fit like a glove... a really,really,  tight glove... after getting zipped in I discovered that I couldn't sit down the entire night!

See more of Amelia's work on her blog

And make your plans to visit our show on the 13th of October.
It is the only show of it's kind in Arizona this year and there will be some fantastic Halloween and Fall shopping!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet Paula Shuler

Paula will be welcoming Fall with warm knits and creative fiber arts.
My name is Paula and I am crazy about yarn! I'm in my mid-20's and have been working on different types of projects and hobbies through the years until I found my nice with yarn craft.  When I was in grade school I learned how to cross stich as a requirement for our art class and at first I was opposed to the idea. After my first flower design, however, I couldn't stop!  I was then creating butterflies, wolves, cartoon characters and anything I wanted to frame and put on my walls. 

 Several years later (and after all my walls were covered) and after I moved to Arizona from Mexico, my fiance's mother taught me how to crochet, and weeks later I was on to making cats, koalas, tops and more.  Now I was filling the closet with my creations - needless to say , I was "hooked".  By 2011 I had self-taught myself to knit and began making things for family and friends;  cozy sweaters for winter and fun critters to decorate the house.

  What I love most about knitting and crocheting is creating fun items for special occasions and holidays, especially for my favorite holiday of all - Halloween!  It starts to get a bit chilly around that time so it's a perfect occasion to wear a soft scarf and a perfect fit hat;  and to decorate the home with croched baskets filled with pumpkins or spooky ghosts and clever kittens.  Not to mention wearing a pumpkin shaped hat to amuse the kids while giving out candy - they always ask where I got it.
Come and See more of Paula's work at the
Parade of Souls Art Show on the 13th of October