Parade Of Souls

Parade Of Souls

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meet Marlene Sabatina

Marlene Sabatina will be bringing her eclectic style to the
Parade of Souls art Show.  
I have been wearing jewelry all of my life. 
When I was a little girl I would spend hours in the yard finding rocks that would mimic a grand stone for a necklace, bracelet or ring.  I had polished tumbled stones before they were popular, as my mother would wash them in my clothes. 
I take great pride in each piece I create, with my muse as a guide, I delve into many mediums to create a one of a kind piece.
My training first started when I was in grade school, I made a ceramic rabbit with forest green glaze. (wish I still had that piece)
Now I can create my own glass rabbit in any color I choose. (see blue rabbit photo)
I went on to take many hours of classes and workshops to develop my style and inspiration for my work.  I have been focused these last several years on Metal-smith techniques and PMC.  Currently I teach bronze clay and cast glass classes.   Although jewelry is my first love I do have training in water media and enjoy those times that I can create, paint and play. 

My favorite Halloween story is a bit quirky.  I wanted to dress like a hippie, when I was about 9 or 10, we would always make our own costume's so I took an old blanket and made a poncho, but it was not just right until I decided to write "bad words" in spray paint all over it...boy did I get into trouble.  We still got to go trick or treating and we always used a pillowcase for our treat container.  There was a stop along the way that was a farm stand market and we were treated with cider and donuts at that place.  Not like the Halloweens of today for sure.
Marlene will be showing and selling her best Fall and Halloween work at the
Parade of Souls Art Show
October 13th!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Meet Debi Siegert

Debi will be bringing her Mixed Media Magic to the Parade of Souls Art Show

Oct. 13th 

 I am a mixed media artist and have been making collectible art dolls and mixed media art for over thirty years. I  create one of a kind art including jewelry, mosaics and collages. All of my work utilizes the recycling of found objects. “For me the fascination with mixed media comes from seeing the personality of each piece emerge from an eclectic collection of fabric, beads, feathers, fur and found objects. ” 

I live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband, two teenage kids, three dogs and one cat.
    I'm excited to be showing Halloween art at The Parade of Souls show with so many other talented artists. I enjoy stretching my usual style of art into a holiday theme and Halloween is always a favorite as it bounces from dark and scary to just plain fun!

Visit my website, to see all of my artwork. For prices and/or more information please email me at

Some of my favorite Halloween Costumes as an Adult: a witch, a tourist, a cat, the bullet ridden bride from Kill Bill and my #1 fav ...Indiana Jones!