Parade Of Souls

Parade Of Souls

Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet Paula Shuler

Paula will be welcoming Fall with warm knits and creative fiber arts.
My name is Paula and I am crazy about yarn! I'm in my mid-20's and have been working on different types of projects and hobbies through the years until I found my nice with yarn craft.  When I was in grade school I learned how to cross stich as a requirement for our art class and at first I was opposed to the idea. After my first flower design, however, I couldn't stop!  I was then creating butterflies, wolves, cartoon characters and anything I wanted to frame and put on my walls. 

 Several years later (and after all my walls were covered) and after I moved to Arizona from Mexico, my fiance's mother taught me how to crochet, and weeks later I was on to making cats, koalas, tops and more.  Now I was filling the closet with my creations - needless to say , I was "hooked".  By 2011 I had self-taught myself to knit and began making things for family and friends;  cozy sweaters for winter and fun critters to decorate the house.

  What I love most about knitting and crocheting is creating fun items for special occasions and holidays, especially for my favorite holiday of all - Halloween!  It starts to get a bit chilly around that time so it's a perfect occasion to wear a soft scarf and a perfect fit hat;  and to decorate the home with croched baskets filled with pumpkins or spooky ghosts and clever kittens.  Not to mention wearing a pumpkin shaped hat to amuse the kids while giving out candy - they always ask where I got it.
Come and See more of Paula's work at the
Parade of Souls Art Show on the 13th of October

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