Parade Of Souls

Parade Of Souls

Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet Mary Heldenbrand

Mary Heldenbrand
Twisted Sisters' Designs
  In my younger years, creativity was never a focal point for me.  I was always interested in sports, anything that was physically challenging.  But, as my years progressed, I realized I would not be able to keep that up forever.  When I volunteered to be the Chairman of my church festival, I needed to come up with projects for the ladies to make during the year.  I found that I actually could come up with creative ideas, and the ladies enjoyed the projects I found for them.
                It was now time to broaden my horizons, especially because my physical activity was curtailed due to two hip replacements.  A friend was telling me about a beading class she was taking, and since I had always wanted to do beading, this was a good time to start.  I took one class, followed by another, then another—you can see the pattern—I was hooked.


The beading classes were followed by Precious Metal Clay classes, which were followed by classes in making dichroic glass cabochons to put into the PMC. The dichroic glass classes segued into making lampwork beads, which led to glass fusing—lots of chances to work in many different colors—I love colors.  I started doing chainmaille in copper, brass and silver, and am now incorporating colored niobium rings into my chainmaille pieces.  While participating in classes, two of my friends asked me to partner with them and form a business, Twisted Sisters’ Designs. 

I was delighted and we now have a beautiful web site,
Please visit and  take a look at our offerings and our class schedule.

Now I find that I am able to combine all the mediums I’ve learned, beading, PMC, glass fusing, chainmaille, wire twisting, and fashion unique designs.  I take great pride in each piece I make and revel in the notion that I have creativity within me; I just need to let it out.  I know there are many doors I have yet to open in my art, and I look forward to my continued enrichment.
Mary Heldenbrand, Twisted Sisters’ Designs

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